Who We Are

Bruce Marx

Bruce Marx
Executive Recruiter

Established in 1988, Insurance Staffing Consultants, Inc. (ISC) is a recruiting firm specifically serving the executive search and recruitment needs of the insurance industry. Our clients include Insurance Agencies and Brokers, MGA’s, MGU’s, TPA’s, and Insurance Companies.

ISC wants to be your “personal career representative” when you decide to seek new employment opportunities. As an experienced insurance recruiting firm, we realize every candidate has his/her own unique needs. We place particular emphasis on personal relationships and take these relationships with candidates very seriously. For us this means offering our candidates these professional courtesies:


We listen to your career goals. With our experience, we give you input on what it will take to achieve those goals and how to get you there. Our goal is to help you reach yours.


We will not waste your valuable time. Your credentials will only be submitted to employers who meet your needs. We do not send candidates out on interviews for positions which they are not qualified or that don’t meet their individual needs.

Honesty and Integrity

Insurance Staffing Consultants specializes in the Property/Casualty and Employee Benefits areas. If your skills and experience are not a complimentary match for our core business, we will tell you so right away. Sometimes another recruiting firm will fit your needs better. We are honest enough to tell you if we are not the appropriate firm for you.

Communication and Confidentiality

If you are currently employed, we will inform you when your resume is presented to a client. Some recruiting firms will submit your resume to dozens of clients without telling you. We do not conduct business in that way. We only submit your resume when you are actively looking for a career change and we will let you know about the submission.

No Pressure

We don’t pressure you to go on interviews or to accept jobs. Only you know what is best for you!