Why Hire Us

Bruce Marx

Bruce Marx
Executive Recruiter

Our Experience

With over twenty years of recruiting experience in the insurance industry, and hundreds of successful placements, ISC has built a network of candidates and contacts that greatly enhance our ability to help fill your position with the right person. Bruce Marx, our principal recruiter, has worked “on both sides of the desk”, as an employee for insurance industry employers as well as an industry executive recruiter since 1988. How many recruiters do you know who have also worked in the industry?

We Know the Insurance Industry Search Business

By focusing exclusively on the insurance industry, ISC has developed a thorough understanding of this market and what it takes to be a successful recruiting firm. In today’s market, talent for specialized positions is shrinking. We recognize the difficulties employers encounter when trying to recruit the most talented individuals. ISC takes a proactive approach to recruit and successfully fill the searches we take on. Choosing the right recruiting firm can make a huge difference in the end result. We have successfully filled numerous key positions with an impressive list of clients. Please review our client testimonial page to see what some our clients have to say about our services.

Our Placement Ratio

We provide strong candidates and our clients on average hire every third candidate submitted.

We Know How To Get the Job Done Right the First Time

We have developed an extensive network of insurance industry contacts. We have a thorough knowledge of the industry’s players, trends and issues. We have a proven search track record of success in executive placement, and we have a broad and deep background in corporate strategy, operations and human resources. While it would be foolish for us to claim that we know every nuance of your specific business, we are quite comfortable with stating our position that we can find the right candidate for your firm and get the job done right the first time!

We Are Proactive

With today’s ever changing technology, we find many search firms are relying on the internet to find their candidates. While the internet is one possible way of finding potential candidates, we also take a much more proactive approach. We continually research the departments of non-client companies and proactively recruit passive candidates, who are not actively putting their resumes on the internet, for our client companies. With our approach, you will find that ISC provides retained recruiting services in a contingency fee arrangement. This is very difficult to find in our industry. Many recruiting firms take a much more reactive approach than we do. Try using us to see the difference!

We Are Thorough

We spend time assessing each candidate to determine if they fit our client’s organization and culture.

The Risk Is On Us

The risk is on ISC to find the appropriate candidate. Even when working on a contingency basis we provide services similar to a retained recruitment firm. Where else do you get the opportunity to have someone work long hours to provide a service where you only pay them if they provide the successful outcome? In addition, in the unlikely event that one of our clients is not completely satisfied with our hiring solutions, we will offer a replacement or pro-rated refund.